Punt App

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Form Analysis

Form and statistics analysis is a time-consuming task. Our AI powered data analysis tools automates the form analysis for the most popular betting markets for each sport. We also provide insights to help you bet.

Odds Comparison

Finding the best odds important when betting. With so many bookmakers to monitor it can be difficult. Our app will ensure that you get the best odds everytime.

Bet Everywhere

Once you have researched your bet you need to place it fast to ensure you get the right odds. Our app lets you place your bets with all of your bookmaker’s accounts via a single interface.


If tipping competitions are your thing then we have you covered. You can start your own tipping competitions with mates or join our public tipping competitions to win cash and reward points.


Earn rewards points for using the app, sharing your bets and tips with your friends or starting a tipping comp. You can spend your points with Australia’s top loyalty rewards programs.


Have your say about the sports you love. Write news articles, previews or just bag out the refs. We provide analysis tools for you to form you to research and form your opinions.